About our research

Teacher change: patterns, factors, and implications for professional education (SSHRC Research Study) – Over the past ten years, we have conducted three successive large-scale longitudinal studies of elementary school teachers (from beginning teacher, year 1, through to mid-career, years 7 – 10), with a focus on their development as literacy teachers. The size of our sample, the extent of our data, and the length of time we studied our teachers has given us an outstanding data set.

Literacy Teacher Educators: Their Backgrounds, Visions, and Practices (SSHRC Research Study) – We are studying 28 literacy/English teacher educators in four countries: Canada, United States, Britain, and Australia. This is one of the first studies to focus on literacy/English teacher educators. We are examining their backgrounds, goals for their teaching and practices, their work as researchers, and  their suggestions for literacy/English teaching.

Research investigators: Clare Kosnik and Clive Beck

Research investigators: Clare Kosnik & Clive Beck