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Beck, C. , & Kosnik, C. (in press). Growing as a teacher (See forthcoming below)

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Refereed Book Chapters

*Kosnik, C., & Beck, C. (2012). Giving higher priority to subject content and pedagogy in pre-service education. In  G. Galway, K. Goodnough, R. Kelly, & C. Badenhorst, (Eds.). Inspiration and innovation in teaching and teacher education. (pp.39-52). Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books.

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Refereed Journal Articles 

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Forthcoming – Accepted for Publication

*Beck, C. , & Kosnik, C. (in press). Growing as a teacher: Goals and pathways of ongoing teacher learning. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

*Kosnik, C., Menna, L., Dharamshi, P., Miyata, C., & Beck, C. (in press). A foot in many camps: Literacy teacher educators acquiring knowledge across many realms and juggling multiple identities. Journal of Education for Teaching, 39(5).

*Kosnik, C.,  Dharamshi, P., Miyata, C., Cleovoulou, Y., & Beck, C. (accepted). Beyond initial transition: An international examination of the complex work of experienced literacy/English teacher educators. English in Education