Clive’s Presentations

European Educational Research Conference – Porto, Portugal September 2014

Learning for All Conference – Bogota 2014

  • Priorities in Teacher Education: The 7 Key Elements of Preservice Preparation
  • Bogota Clive#2

Ontario Teachers’ Federation/Ontario Association of Deans of Education

 O      Teaching Student teachers How to Teach for Relevance, Integrating Curriculum around Big Ideas and Key Values By Clive Beck, Clare Kosnik, Shelley Murphy, and Elizabeth Rosales

OTF-OADE paper Feb 22, 2014 CB PPT

American Educational Research Association 2014

Ongoing Teacher Learning: A Study of Teachers Over Their Initial 8 Years By Clive Beck, Clare Kosnik, Tiffany Harris, Belinda Longe, Monica McGlynn-Stewart,
Julie Middleton, and Elizabeth Rosales
 Ongoing Teacher Learning ppt