Powerpoint Presentations and Mini Interviews/Videos


Bethan Marshall (King’s College London) – English Teaching  Bethan
Using short film to develop media and literacy skills Bethan short films 1



Lin Goodwin (Teachers College, Columbia University) –  Teacher Educators in the US Context Goodwin Mini Presentation Connection Grant
What Should Teacher Educators Know and Be Able to Do? : Perspectives from Practicing Teacher Educators – JTE Paper Presentation for TEPC (11-26) rev


Sam Twiselton (Sheffield Hallam University) – Seeing the wood for the trees:

IMG_2598Teacher Expertise – conditions,contexts and implications Sam Twiselton




Graham Parr and Scot Bulfin (
Monash University) – Complying with and
(occasionally) speaking back to standards-based reforms in teacher education
in Australia  GP and SB-6June


John Yandell (Institute of Education – London) The national curriculum in England




IMG_2591Simone White (Monash University) – What do student teachers need to know and be able to do in order to be 21st century literacy teachers?   Simone



Sue Dymoke

Sue Dymoke (University of Leicester) – What is happening with digital technology in my context? DigitalTechnologyinmycontextSDymoke




Peter Williamson (Stanford University) Context of Literacy Teacher Education in the US London Symposium 2014 Williamson




Clive Beck (University of Toronto) – AreClive Beck we doing a “good” job in teacher education?: Studying our graduates  CB Mini Presentation





Clare Kosnik (University of Toronto) – Literacy/English teacher education in Canada
CK Mini Presentation


Alison Baker (University of East London) – Using social networking to develop trainees teachers’ subject knowledge of children’s literature and the importance of reading for pleasure and development of comprehension skills  Alison Baker

Alison Baker Interview #1


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