Daily Archives: April 11, 2014

Remembering My Favorite Comedian

My (Cathy’s) favorite comedian passed away last week.   I was saddened to learn this.  It takes such skill to make people laugh: writing the content; sensing the timing; massaging the audience.  His name was John Pinette.  I was amazed by his talent. During his stand-up acts, he often broke into song depicting an amazing singing voice.  I eventually learned that he  played the matronly Edna in the hit musical Hairspray on Broadway.  Wish I’d seen that.   His jokes were usually self- deprecating about his size.  Ah, to laugh at oneself.  One of my favorite clips was of him being told he should be gluten-free.  As I live a gluten-free life I have always found this particularly amusing.  The link to this clip is below.  Remember him when you laugh.

John Pinette 1964-2014pinette1