Literacy/English Teacher Educators and Digital Technology

We (Clare) have begun the third round of interviews of for our research study of  Literacy/English teacher digitaleducators. A focus of these interviews is on their use and views of digital technology. We have learned about some very clever ways technology is being integrated into their literacy methods courses. Wow! What a range of interesting examples:

  • Blogs (student teachers do blog post on the disciplines e.g., their insights into teaching)
  • vodcasts
  • podcasts (both professionally made and student-teacher made)
  • virtual tasks (done individually and in small groups)
  • surveys (during the course to monitor student teacher learning)
  • You Tube videos
  • websites
  • student teacher-made videos of practice teacher
  • SKYPE (with authors that they are reading class)
  • discussion on BlackBoard on readings prior to class
  • cartoons
  • photos
  • PPT
  • Wikis
  • Voice Thread
  • Email (a way to remain connected to student teachers during practice teaching, especially for those working in rural areas)

Slide01Videos were used frequently. These were seen as a way for student teachers to observe and analyze exemplary practice.

When asked the question, What does digital technology provide you that you could not do decades ago?, there was overwhelming recognition that technology is supporting and enhancing teaching and learning. It provides ready access to materials, supports development of community (e.g., student teachers introduce themselves prior to the course beginning; social media connects them socially), and extends their repertoire of pedagogies. All felt that their efforts to teach with, through, and about digital technology took a huge amount of time and effort.

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