Technology in the Classroom

A short video clip that demonstrates how technology is being used in a local high school. Interestingly the purpose for the use of technology is connected with well being and class participation.

I (Yiola) am currently preparing a “technology day” conference that will emphasize and highlight the use of technology is classrooms for our student teachers. I like the examples shared in the clip. I will be sure to share the experiences of technology day that will take place next term.

1 thought on “Technology in the Classroom

  1. Great to see that CTV is highlighting some of the practices that great teachers have been doing for a while now (Poll Everywhere is a great tool!)…it is curious to me though that these tools are being used to help students “hide” their misunderstandings or questions. I would hope that teachers can also work to inspire a growth mindset their classrooms so that the entire learning community could see “not knowing” as a asset and a place to grow from, rather than a deficit and something to fear.

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