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Teachers Matter: The Letter Defending Educators @Time Wouldn’t Print #TIMEapologize #TIMEfail

Although this article is long I (Clare) found it incredibly interesting yet sad. When is the public going to “wake up” and realize the value teachers?

Cloaking Inequity

To: Nancy Gibbs, Time Editor

From: Thomas L. Good,

Professor Emeritus

College of Education

University of Arizona

1936 E Fifth Street

Tucson, AZ  85719



The November 3 issue of Time magazine includes a sensational cover, an editorial statement and a feature story that systematically question the value of American teachers who often work in less favorable conditions than their international peers. The fifty million readers/viewers of Time will see the cover and millions of others will also view it at various airport newsstands. However, considerably fewer will read the editor’s comments and yet substantially fewer will read the article. So the take- away message for the vast majority of citizens from this issue of Time magazine is that poor teachers are rampant in America and that they are harmful to our children, economy, and future.

Consider the front page cover that brazenly and in bold print decries…

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