Inspiration: A compulsory component of being a teacher

I (Yiola) think about education… the endless complexities and barriers to just getting to good teaching and the kind of learning that leaves children feeling alive, fulfilled and competent.  What makes good teaching such a challenge? Government cuts, a culture of standardization, and a lack of appreciation for developing what I will call the tools of inspiration (the Arts, creative thinking, inquiry) are just a few of the challenges at the forefront of my thinking lately.

I believe most teachers begin their careers filled with excitement and determination to “make a difference”. However, without support and nourishment for inspirational teaching, teachers burn out. If teachers burn out, there is little hope for inspirational student learning.

An interesting link below talks about the need for teacher support. Let me ask you, what do you think teachers need in order for them to be, not only competent, but inspirational, creative, and “house on fire” kinds of educators?

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