“Tech isn’t a shortcut”

Source: http://blog.markitx.com/2012/08/13/ipads-in-the-classroom-and-their-continued-growth/
Source: http://blog.markitx.com/2012/08/13/ipads-in-the-classroom-and-their-continued-growth/

An article in Time Magazine makes an interesting case for why iPads should be left out of the classroom. Author Jervey Tervalon from Los Angeles argues that his school district (and perhaps several others) after spending millions “saw the iPad as a magic talisman that could just about transplant knowledge into students’ brains directly, bypassing teachers.” Through classroom teaching experience, Tervalon understands that “teaching isn’t always efficient. Often it’s messy, and because it’s messy, the process can produce epiphanies, and sparks of creative thinking.”

Tervalon warns that technology isn’t a shortcut to major educational reforms:

“An iPad is an amazing device but it isn’t so amazing without content or the right pedagogical context. School reform isn’t expensive tech and high-stakes testing; it’s the incredibly difficult task of creating highly functioning, transformative educational communities.

Link to the article: http://time.com/3926875/ipad-use-classroom/

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