Daily Archives: September 18, 2015

Metaphors for Teaching Literacy

I (Cathy)  recently asked literacy teacher educators (LTEs) to complete this statement,  “Being a literacy teacher educator in the 21st century is like…”   As a researcher and teacher educator, I was profoundly struck by the power behind their words and the images they selected to represent them.   Before peeking at the three responses  provided below, consider how you might complete the statement.

Being a literacy teacher educator in the 21st century is like…

…“Green Eggs And Ham…it’s not what you expect, it’s a reciprocal journey, and you can’t just try it one way. Nothing tastes better than when you’ve seen them try it, like it, and beg for more!”

green eggs

“a futuristic video game – visually exciting, fast paced, limitless possibilities, not knowing what may be next, all the time wondering if you are going to be able to keep up!!”

.  Tron

…“keeping candles lit on a breezy night. Challenging but possible… delicate but powerful… romantic but necessary… not so much ‘constant work’ as it is diligent work… It requires focus and awareness of the ‘current’”.

 Candle in the wind

The literary representations of these three LTEs displayed a profound sense of excitement, overshadowed by trepidation as they enter an unknown territory, with unproven results.  The uncertainty and vulnerability of their roles were clear.  What do your words and image say about your views of teaching literacy in these fast changing and tumultuous times?