Another school year almost over

Teachers are wrapping up report cards and teacher educators are recovering from the intense end of year marking. We are now shifting gears. Another great year ~ filled with challenges and obstacles and experience and fun ~ is just about to come to close.

What will you be doing to fill the summer months? Many will take courses, teach summer school, read, write. I hope you find time to relax and rejuvenate the spirit.

I look forward to a long stretch of writing.  I will be writing about some of the incredible findings from our research on teacher education and literacy education. I look forward to sharing articles on the topics of  pedagogies of literacy, and assessment of literacy, and examining the learning trajectory of a literacy teacher.

I also look forward to some time with my family;  playing with my children, helping them develop their literacy skills. Here is my young son “reading” and “navigating” the Metro Zoo map. What sophisticated literacy skills already! And, my daughter in the wagon patiently waiting for her brother to figure out the way to the Polar Bears! Without a doubt, he will figure it out!


A wise mentor reminded me the other day that all the work that we do, the commitments we make and the challenges we face should lead us to happiness. It was a heart warming and encouraging reminder. I wish you all: teachers, researchers, teacher educators and friends a happy of the school year!


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