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Celebrate the Start the School Year!

As we begin another year (or new year) of teaching, I (Cathy) thought you would enjoy this video of a marvelous Flash Mob created for the West Des Moines Community School District to celebrate the start of a new school school year.  The flash mob was published on Youtube Aug 23, 2015.

“While the West Des Moines Community School District Superintendent was beginning her speech to the staff of WDMCS at the district-wide welcome back meeting, the teachers of the district created a flash mob to the enjoyment of their unsuspecting colleagues. With only one more day of preparation left, the teachers shared their talents by performing a parody of the song, “One more day” from Les Miserables.”

Enjoy!  And have a terrific year!

Kids React to…

The “Kids React” series featured on YouTube reminds us how rapidly the landscape of communication technologies has shifted in the last decade. As the kids are introduced to unfamiliar devices (e.g. Walkman; rotary phone) they respond with funny and interesting comments while they compare these “old” tools to the “new” technological tools they use daily (e.g. iPhone).


Kids react to rotary phones