Mapping my morning commute

On twitter this week I (Lyida) read about a storytelling project that invited teachers to use digital tools to capture and represent dimensions of “their world”. The representations  (e.g. pictures, video, audio) were publicly shared on a blog. It would be interesting to use aspects of this idea in a teacher  education literacy course but I wanted to experiment with it first.

   Fruitstand  Subway1

Subway2  Bike  Museum


1 thought on “Mapping my morning commute

  1. Lydia, I love this! The concept, the thinking, the story is profound! The process and the product (effect) has its own unique space in creating meaning and fostering communication. The pictures are vivid and tell so much about the experiences of the person — where they live, the resources around them, the temperatures they are feeling!!! I feel the use of digital technology to tell stories is incredibly powerful. I have taken the ever so popular “portfolio” assignment and converted it to a digital project where teacher candidates tell their stories of their developing practices and vision through a variety of creative media. Looks simple… but to do well requires sophisticated thinking and skills beyond our traditional forms and expectations. Thank you for sharing.

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