“The Secrets of Sugar”

I (Pooja) watched an eye-opening documentary on CBC’s Fifth Estate. The documentary sugaruncovers some frightening facts about the effects of sugar and the sugar industry. Most of us are eating way too much sugar on a daily basis. Surprisingly, sugar is added in food items such as ketchup, yogurt, soy milk, and salad dressings. There was one alarming segment in particular in which I couldn’t help but think about the effect of sugar on children in school. Research was conducted on a sample of lab mice to observe how they reacted when their sugar consumption increased. The results were disturbing. Before any sugar consumption, the mice were alert and able to navigate through the set-up maze. However, as sugar consumption increased, their alertness levels decreased significantly. They moved sluggishly through the maze, bumping into the walls along the way. Some could not even make it to the end. This made me think so many of our young learners who consume high levels of sugar from their school cafeterias, vending machines, convenient stores, and/or home. Although in the past decade there has been a push towards healthier food for our school-aged children, there is a need for a deeper awareness around all the places where sugars are hidden.

Learn more about “The Secrets of Sugar” here:


1 thought on ““The Secrets of Sugar”

  1. Hi folks, it’s really frightening! Thank you for having posted! w
    When I (Gisela) was twenty I read “Sugar Blue” a book that told about the history of sugar in the Occident. Since this time I’ve never put sugar in my juice and cookies neither in my sons’ food! Since that time I had ever thought before selecting when to eat sugar because I had learned in this book the bad impacts in our mind and in our body as is written there!

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