Daily Archives: May 7, 2015

Voices Into Action

My (Clare) friend David Booth introduced me to an amazing program, Voices into Action, which helps students develop their David Booth social awareness.
Voices into Action is an online resource dedicated to providing students with access to information on issues regarding human rights, prejudice, and hatred. Designed by curriculum experts, this program utilizes a wide variety of media to present compelling information on a history of human suffering, stemming from social injustice that is still a problem today. This site will give you the knowledge and tools to speak out, and to go even further by turning your voice into action!
I have looked through some of the resources and they are fantastic – discussion questions, videos, news analysis, case studies, in-person interviews ….. There are 6 units available: human rights; genocide, understanding prejudice and discrimination, immigration; and personal action. All teachers I am confident will find these resources so useful. Here is the link: http://www.voicesintoaction.ca/Home

Larry SwartzFYI – Larry Swartz my dear friend is one of the Project Managers of Voices into Action. From my experience any project that Larry works on is outstanding!