Daily Archives: May 30, 2015

Public Art: Treasures in Our City

Public Art 1

In this blog we have had many postings about literacy, the changing nature of literacy, ways to teach literacy, issues around the teaching of literacy …. This past week I (Clare) experienced another form of literacy – one that has been on my doorstep but I did not even notice it was there. With my amazing book club we did a tour of public art in Toronto. I was truly shocked at the number of pieces scattered through the city. Many I had walked by many times but was wholly ignorant that they were art. On the tour the guide pointed out pieces of art in public spaces, explained the significance of each, described the materials used, and provided some background to the author. It was an amazing trip. I know that I will never be so inattentive to my surroundings again. So readers look around your city to find some public art. Here are some photos of what we saw in Toronto. Our guide told us that there are many more in the city – I just need to look for them. In addition to stopping to smell the roses, I am going to also stop to enjoy the art.