An Educator’s Guide To “Minding Our Digital Footprints”

In an article titled “Minding our Digital Footprints” the Edmodo blog outlined 9 elements of digital citizenship they use to frame their work. Edmodo is a K-12 social learning network which focuses on “connecting all learners with the people and resources they need.” I believe these elements can be applied to the work any educator is doing with their classes in digital technology spaces (e.g., class blog, class wiki).
Within each element questions are posed. Educators at all levels pose these questions to guide students as digital citizens while making them reflective of their own citizenship. The 9 Elements are listed below and are accompanied by some questions developed by Edmodo:
1. Digital Access
Does everyone in our community have equal access to digital resources? Think about the ways Internet use affecrts your daily social life and your school work: how might it change your life if you did not have access to it?
2. Digital Commerce 
What are smart precautions to take when buying and selling goods online?
3. Digital Communication
List as many tool you can think of that we use to communicate digitally as 21st century citizens. What are the appropriate decisions we need to make with these tools?
4. Digital Literacy
How do you use technology to learn? How do you learn about technology? What kind of information literacy skills do we need?
5. Digital Etiquette
What are best practices for responsible conduct in shared digital spaces?
6. Digital Law
When we are online, what are some laws and ethical/moral rules we should be aware of and follow?
7. Digital Rights and Responsibilities
What are the rights we have as digital citizens  that no one can take away from us? What are the responsibilities we have as digital citizens?
8. Digital Health and Wellness
What are some ways that using the Internet can be good for our health? How can it hurt us?
9. Digital Security
What are smart ways to protect our digital information?
Check out the full article here:

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