Daily Archives: November 27, 2015

What Children Hear

grew some

This charming cartoon reminded me (Cathy) of an incident I had as a young child.  My family was staying at a cottage of friends’ located on the shores of James Bay.  One evening we all sat by a large camp fire on the beach.  As the children roasted marshmallows, the parents chatted.  I happened to hear the grown ups  mention “fairy.” Puzzled I listened more intently.  “Oh, she’s grand to see, really.  She turns around right over there, off the end of our dock.”  My parents’ friend pointed out over the dark water.  I looked at my dad.  He was listening  and nodding.  No smile.  “Really?”  asked my mother.  “I’m surprised she’d come so close to shore.”  “Yeah, so were we,” said the friend.   “We’ve seen her a few times now.   All lit up, reflecting in the water.  Quite a sight really.  Maybe you’ll see her.”

I remember holding very still and being slightly afraid.  I was sure they had told me fairies weren’t real…  yet here they were discussing “her” like they would talk about dinner or the car.

I watched for “her” but never saw those wonderful lights.  Perhaps just as well.  It gave me a couple more years of believing in the impossible.