Teacher Researcher Group Celebration

I (Clare) was approached by Rosemary Evans, the principal of University of Toronto School IMG_0885IMG_0873(UTS), to assist with forming a teacher research group. Rosemary had received funding for the Eureka Fellowship program from Newton Foundation to start a teacher researcher group. Clare happily accepted Rosemary’s invitation then invited  current and former doctoral student (Pooja, Elizabeth, and Shelley) to co-facilitate because they had much to offer and the team approach would model collaboration. .Over the next two years we met on a monthly basis for approximately two hours. IMG_0879

The teacher researchers presented their findings last week and it was one of the most IMG_0867special moments of my professional life. The teachers did an amazing job presenting their research. Their research was high quality and it informed their practiceWe plan to turn their reports into an ebook. Here is a list of the projects that the teachers completed: IMG_0874


  • An Examination of Admission Profiles and Early Student Success at UTS by Garth Chalmers –
  • Exploring the Use of the Fort McMoney Documentary-Game in Grade 9 Geography Classrooms by Mike Farley
  • Using Digital Tools in the Guidance Classroom by Catherine Wachter
  • Maximum City by Josh Fullan
  •  Integrative Thinking in a Classroom Setting by Christopher Federico
  • Self-study of My Work as a Vice Principal by Heather Henricks
  • Reflections on Being a Member of the Eureka Fellowship Program – Amy Parradine
  • Reflections on the Eureka Fellowship Program for Teacher Researchers Clare Kosnik, Pooja Dharamshi, and Shelley Murphy
  • Final Thoughts – Susan French



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