Happy New Year

I (Clare) always enjoy David Eddie’s column in the Globe and Mail. Today (New Year’s Day) he has a great article. I was so impressed with his final new year’s resolution – be grateful. Earlier on he talks about being nice. So for 2016 being nice and grateful will be my resolutions. Below are a few excepts from the article and here is the link to the entire article. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/relationships/seven-new-years-resolution-suggestions/article27967792/

To all of the readers of our blog best wishes for a happy and healthy year!


My main one. I started off this piece talking about self-loathing, but it doesn’t mean I don’t count my blessings. Be grateful for all the people and things in your life, however imperfect – because they could be taken away, and then you’d miss them. Every morning, after looking in the mirror and doing my daily de-affirmations (“You suck, you’re fat,” etc) I always follow up by counting my blessings: “God (who as I say I believe in) thank you for this, thank you for that, thank you for him and her and them – and P.S., nice day today! Those clouds are brushed in with a maestro’s touch!”

I’ve done that every day, year in, year out, but I’m updating it for 2016. We’ve always had refugees among us, but they’re more “top of mind,” lately, I think – and now, before I complain about something, I think: “How would my complaint seem to a refugee?” If I could imagine a refugee rolling his/her eyes at my “problem,” I inhale, exhale and let it go.

So, to sum up: Be nice, do you, quash self-doubt, go strong to the hoop, count your blessings, own up to your mistakes and when you’re tempted to complain about something, imagine a refugee rolling his eyes at you. Do all these things, and I have a feeling it’ll be a great year for you, friends. Rock it hard!


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