The Ultimate Language and Literacy Dilemma ~ To French Immersion or Not?

Happy New Year! Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2016 to our friends and readers.

With the coming of another year there is much to look forward to. I (yiola) am faced with a language and literacy dilemma. My darling Sylvia Clare… my young pre-reading, 5 year-old who loves inquiry and creativity, has an opportunity to go into French Immersion next year. Do I sign her up?  As a parent I am inclined to say yes — why wouldn’t I?  There is opportunity to learn a second language and its FREE…  And yet, as someone who studies literacy pedagogy and language development, I’m not convinced that French Immersion is the best pathway for Sylvia Clare’s education.






Reading ~ Reading ~ Reading


Love of learning

The research has something to say in some of the above domains, yet, when I think of my child, I’m not entirely convinced either way. One interesting article I found that clearly explores literacy development in early French Immersion is provided below:

Literacy Development in Early French Immersion Programs

And then, there are social considerations. How one stream attracts a certain community… I find it offensive that many consider the French stream a “private school like setting” within the public school. That just does not seem right. An interesting article that outlines the social considerations is provided below:

I will know if Sylvia Clare will be in the French Immersion program by next week. If she has one of the 46 spots available at her school, it will be up to us to decide if French Immersion starting in first grade is the right pathway for her.

If you have thoughts, suggestions, experiences with early French Immersion please share!


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