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We are back to blogging

Hi Literacy Teaching and Teacher Education Blog Followers

research team

We had a little hiatus from blogging. Clare was super busy with construction at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study; Pooja and Lydia both started new tenure-stream positions at Simon Fraser University and University of Alberta respectively; Cathy has been working on her thesis and teaching new courses;  and Clive and Yiola have been super busy. Lots has happened in our work and we will be updating you on our work ….

Team member: Lydia Menna

said-imageSaid (pictured to the right) will be joining our blogging team.




To those in Canada — Happy Family Day.

To those in the US – Happy President’s Day

To our friends around the world — looking forward to continuing our conversations.


Happy New Year

 Today is New Year’s Eve and newspapers are full of descriptions of resolutions for 2014. I am not one for making resolutions (maybe because I know that I will not keep them) but this year I am motivated to make a few.


  • ·      Keep blogging. Much to my surprise this has been a fabulous activity. I hope that our readers are enjoying the blogs as much as we have enjoyed writing them.
  • ·      Do not push myself so hard – in other words, relax a bit. Everything does not need to be done ASAP. Emails and work can wait.
  • ·     Keep learning about digital technology.  Time to take a few more steps integrating DT into my teaching.  Time to learn how to use Twitter!
  • ·      Stay connected to family, friends, and colleagues. They keep me grounded.

Best wishes to all of our readers for a happy and healthy 2014. Clare