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Congratulations to all the participants in the Toronto marathon

Competitive athletes work so hard. I (Clare) have much admiration for them.

Congratulations to my brother Tony for an amazing marathon. His time was 3:09.53. An incredible time. And he came 10th in his age group.
Weather was ghastly for the fans – it was -3 at the start of the race. You can see that I am all bundled up!


Toronto Marathon

On this blog I (Clare) have shared the many accomplishments of our team memberTony and Clare s — some academic, some personal, and some professional.  Today my brother, Tony,  ran the Toronto Marathon. He is an amazing runner and completed the 26 miles in 3 hours and 16 minutes. I was the chief cheerleader.

Congratulations Tony on a superb run. He is a great supporter of my work and I am happy to share his good news of his accomplishment. Here is a photo of us post race.