Daily Archives: June 13, 2014

Challenges with Travelling Digitally

While packing for a recent trip , I (Cathy) noticed a change in my travel necessities.  Here is what was on the top of my list:

Iphone & charger  (for photographs, facebook, texting& directions)

Ipad & charger   (for Skype, games and bill payments)

Ipod & charger, earphones  (for novels and music)

Camera & charger (the Iphone only goes so far!)

Portable battery and cable (what if there is no outlet in the airport???)

As little as one and one half  years ago I never would have listed such items.  Times have changed.  As convenient as these items may be to bring, I discovered  a glitch in travelling digitally…5 devices but only one electrical adapter.  Which one needs to be charged first?  Now I have to prioritize my necessities!