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The Future is Here: Social Media in the 21st Century

Tug AgencyOur Symposium was held at Tug Agency http://www.tugagency.com
Founded by Nick Beck Tug Agency is “a search marketing led agency, specialising in pay per click
advertising, biddable display, search engine optimisation, affiliates and 
social media marketing.” (If this is a new world to you, definitely check out their website.)

A HUGE benefit of having the Symposium at Tug was the opportunity Nick Beckto interact with some of the amazing staff. Nick found time to join our informal discussions on digital technology and teacher education. Luckily, two of his staff who specialize in social media found time to discuss their work with us. Eoin O’Neil and Simon Jenkins talked about “how” social media “works,” how search engines can use our past searches to “predict” what we might look at next, the complex formulas used by companies to identify patterns, and so on. Hearing from experts on the power and use of social media contributed to our discussion on place of digital technology in teacher education. Nick, Eoin, and Simon clearly showed that the “future is here” and we need very tech-savvy teachers who understand being digital citizens and the place of digital technology in education. We definitely made connections between teacher education and search engine optimization!

Please note that under the Connection Grant tab I (Clare) have added a photoarray from the Symposium; some of the ppt presentations; and some scholarly articles. More to follow.