Happy Birthday Abbey

AbbeyOn our blog we have shared so many of our interests with our readers. Today for Abbeysomething totally different! I (Clare) have a little Yorkshire terrier who is like my little baby. Tomorrow he turns 15 years old. As you can see from the photos he is adorable. There is nothing like coming home from a long day at work and seeing his little face in window. By the time I have unlocked the front door, he is standing in at the top of the stairs, wagging his little tail. In that instant all of the “stuff” from work just 01 02 04 Abbey at the Office 2vanishes. DSC00607A good friend of mine, Ardra Cole, said that everyone writing a thesis should have a dog because of the comfort and love a pet gives. I would extend this – if you have the resources – everyone should have a loving little pet. So happy birthday Abbey!

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