Rescue Time

Self tracking applications (e.g. Fitbit, Sleep Cycle, Moodpanda, MyFitnessPal) have gained much popularity over the past few years. People want to track how many calories they are consuming; how many steps they are taking; how many hours of deep sleep they are getting.

I was recently introduced to another self-tracking application, Rescue Time. This application monitors your computer and tracks usages such as hours spent on e-mail, hours spent writing, and hours spent on facebook (too many!) According to their website (, Rescue Time believes their application can help you be the most efficient with your time:

Image taken from Rescue Time's website
Image taken from Rescue Time’s website (

On one hand, with so many possible distractions at play while working, I see that Rescue Time could be a useful tracking tool. However, on the other hand, I wonder if Rescue Time could add to my already long list of possible distractions!?

Has anyone used this application? What have been your experiences? I would love to hear from you!

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